We started our seedlings this week, which I am super excited for. Z’s lettuce is already starting to sprout which is very encouraging. I was in a rush when I sowed my seeds so I don’t think I did it to the best of my ability but I ope they recover from their traumatizing implantation. We had a good time at the Illuminate gathering on Friday. Z is going to be working on a cook book and I can’t wait to get in the kitchen and help her come up with awesome recipes. I’m mostly a baker so I’ll just assist her.

We played rhyming bingo, which of course I won. Z won too but…whatever. We wrote some free verse and I was educated on Adinkra symbols. I have to pick mine to be officially indoctrinated into the organization. I thought it was going to be easy but there are a lot of them and they all have amazing meanings. I think I know one that I want but I’m still looking. I wonder what’s in store for this week.

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